After data assessment the CAT-SCREEN program displays a profile with higher value indicating better Health-Related Quality of Life. The profile can be chosen using the option “analysis” which contains:

socio-demographic data (name, sex, age), details of the interview (file, data, time), responses to the individual questions in the form of a tabular profile with reference scores, and a diagram presenting the scores on the dimensions of Health-Related Quality of Life. Provided reference values were calculated based on a sample of healthy school children in Hamburg (n = 1501) and a sample of chronically ill children (n = 1050).
The use of the profile offers the following advantages: an immediate report on the answers and a direct comparison of data assessed at two or more time points are possible. Data are automatically saved for further statistical calculations.

Interpretation and reference values
Calculated scale scores represent a quantification of Health-related Quality of Life for the respondents.  For the interpretation of scale scores, reference data can be taken into consideration.