Implementation (+Manual)

Three different versions of the instrument suitable for different age groups and developmental stages are provided. The KINDLR can be used for children and adolescents between 3 and 17 years of age. Additionally, each version of the questionnaire can be completed both by children and adolescents, and also by their parents.


Besides the paper-pencil version of the KINDLR, a computer-assisted version (CAT-SCREEN) has been developed.


As a generic questionnaire, the KINDLR can be used to assess Health-Related Quality of Life in healthy as well as in ill children and adolescents. However, in order to additionally enable the assessment of Health-Related Quality of life due to chronic diseases, several modules were developed to be used in addition to the core instrument. One module focusses on the Health-Related Quality of life of chronically ill children or children who are actually in hospital, respectively, while other modules aim to assess the disease-/condition-specific Health-Related Quality of Life (for Asthma bronchiale, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Cancer, Neurodermatitis, Obesity and Spina bifida).

The Manual for the KINDLR can be dowloaded below.

KINDL manual_English.pdf
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