Terms of Usage

Considering the copyright, the use of the KINDLR is free of charge for academic research (funded or not funded), non-commercial research, i.e. non-profit organizations (e.g. governmental institutions such as universities, hospitals) as well as for commercial studies (companies or profit organizations, e.g. pharmaceutical industry, also pharma-funded).


Please pay attention to our Copyright and use the following reference in publications:

  • Ravens-Sieberer, U. & Bullinger, M. (1998a). Assessing health related quality of life in chronically ill children with the German KINDL: first psychometric and content-analytical results. Quality of Life Research, Vol. 4, No 7;
  • Ravens-Sieberer, U. & Bullinger, M. (1998b). News from the KINDL-Questionnaire – A new version for adolescents. Quality of Life Research, 7, 653.


Please note: All available KINDLversions can be downloaded here.